Our research group was born in Santa Maria, a city in the south of Brazil. In 2004, the first activities involved weekly meetings in the laboratory of biomechanics of the Federal University of Santa Maria, coordinated by Dr Carlos Bolli Mota. At that time, two projects have been developed (pedaling asymmetries in 40km cycling time-trial, and the effects of intense training and diet on performance), and the interest of students to join the group have increased. At that time, the two person who created the group (Felipe and Mateus) started their post-graduation studies (instrumentation for cycling and pedaling technique, respectively). In the end of 2004, some projects in collaboration with the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul were proposed. In that Institution, under supervision of Dr Tony Guimaraes, Fernando and Rodrigo were starting studying cycling. Since that time, the institutions developed several partnerships for research on cycling.
Today, the group consists of professors, masters and PhD students. The projects are not develop only in Brazil. We have projects in collaboration with California State University Sacramento (Dr Irvin Faria), University of Texas at Austin (Dr Ed Coyle), and more recently with University of Calgary (Dr Darren Stefanyshyn). Several papers have been published since 2004. In Brazil, we present our research in sports maganizes and websites, trying to reach a larger number of athletes.
Our objective is the development of highly significant science. The studies are related to sports performance and injury risk factors in cycling.

Felipe Carpes and Rodrigo Bini