Our investigations are basically related to biomechanics, motor control and exercise physiology of cycling. The studies in context of sport performance and clinic are developed using the facilities of two research labs where the members are professors or students. Our facilities for development of the projects across the Universities involve:


Surface electromyography (1 Bortec system)

Surface electromyography (2 Miotec systems - http://www.miotec.com.br/biomecanica/produtos.html)

3D kinematics (Vicon)

2D kinematics (1 Casio Exilim High-Speed - http://www.casio-intl.com/br/pt/dc/ex_zr20/)

Body balance (3 AMTI force plates)

Pressure (Tekscan)

Heart rate (Polar Electro)

Anthropometric (Mitutoyo)

Rotor System 4

Pedal forces

Ciclo simulator (Computrainer and Cateye)