The main outcome of research in sports is the potential to improve performance. It is also important to reduce the risk factors of related injuries. Therefore, the GEPEC offers consulting for cyclists of various performance levels. We used the most up to date research evidences to secure that our athletes will get the best results. There are the services we actually offer:

  • Bike fit assessment
  • Pedaling technique analysis
  • Training prescription
  • Development of computer programs for power output analyses


These services can be offered from the following locations:

Porto Alegre – RS – Brazil

Contact: Tiago Jacques -

Phone: 51-92783003

Contact: Fabio Lanferdini -

Phone: 51-33085859


Santa Maria – RS – Brasil

Contact: Frederico Dagnese -

Phone: 55-91889442


Goiania – GO – Brasil

Contact: Thiago Ayala -

Phone: 62-39320333

Here you can see some videos of our force measurement system:

Pedal force system

Pedal force system - 2

Pedal force system - 3